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Kaitlin Hartley

Helping active people maintain an active lifestyle, achieve their goals, and maximize their performance.


Kaitlin is a 2017 graduate of The Ohio State University where she received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Prior to getting her DPT, she graduated from Miami University in 2014 with her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health.  Kaitlin has an additional certification as a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (PCES).

​Kaitlin’s special interests include orthopedic injuries, running injuries, injury prevention/wellness, and prenatal and postpartum rehab. Kaitlin loves to help keep active people active and doing the workouts and exercise they love! 

She is eager to help people of all ages and activity levels maximize their movement so they can move more and move well, accomplish their goals, and get back to enjoying life pain-free. Kaitlin provides one-on-one, thoughtful, individualized care to be able to provide the highest quality care to help you on your health/wellness journey!

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I am a cash-based practice, with the exception that I do accept Medicare insurance for physical therapy services.

I do not bill other insurances directly as I am a cash-based practice. I accept cash, all major credit cards, check, and HSA/FSA cards for payment! Most of the time, your insurance will reimburse you for the physical therapy services. I just ask for your help in the process! I will provide you with an invoice/all necessary documentation to submit to your insurance and they will then reimburse you directly! Always check with your insurance with any specific questions.

You do not need a physician referral prior to seeing a physical therapist with Medicare. If your physical therapist determines physical therapy is medically necessary for you after the evaluation, then you must be under the care of a physician. 

Make sure to bring your Medicare card with you & let us know of any physical therapy services you have had in the same year as this could effect your coverage.


Insurance companies require patients to pay in full for physical therapy evaluations and treatment sessions until their deductible is met or patients often have high co-pays for each visit. In primarily insurance-based clinics, patients are often required to go to physical therapy sessions 2-3 visits/week for 4-8 weeks. Insurance companies also limit services provided to those they deem medically necessary, and this limits our clinical judgement to provide you the proper treatment that you want and need.

The term "Cash-based" is used to set us apart from the traditional insurance model. The cash-based model allows us to provide the highest quality care possible, spend one-on-one time with patients, and be transparent in the costs of our services. Our goal is to help you manage your own health and thus, we only see you as often as you need it based on our clinical judgement at that time. We typically do not utilize the 2-3x/week method, unless you are post-op, because it wastes money and does not facilitate the patient taking an active role in their health! However, if you need multiple follow-ups, we do offer packages at a discounted rate!

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