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Postpartum Rehab

During pregnancy and postpartum, a woman's body undergoes significant changes. Your organs are being squished and moved around, your abdominals are being stretched out and weakened, you experience excessive pressure on the pelvic floor, tightness of the back muscles to compensate for the extra weight in front, and so much more. Diastasis recti (a separation of the connective tissue that connects the two sides of the front abdominals) is very common and can affect the way the deep inner core system works, which can have major ramifications if not treated properly. Add to this the fact that most women who just had babies are performing repetitive movements, i.e. carrying or wearing their baby as well as bending over repeatedly throughout the day to pick up their newborn and maybe other toddlers. 

You need a safe, guided program to help your body heal, recover, and build the strength that you need as a mom to be able to do all of the things you love and need to do!


Technically, once you've had a baby, you are postpartum forever! It's never too late to get assessed. I treat all postpartum women, from 6 weeks to 6 months to 6+ years postpartum! 



6-Week Postpartum Exercise Program 

This program is specifically designed for the early postpartum period to build a solid foundation and help facilitate safe return to exercise, however it truly is for any and all postpartum women! Never underestimate the power of retraining and reconnecting with all aspects of your core

(diaphragm, deep abdominals, low back stabilizers, and pelvic floor).


I recommend scheduling your initial appointment with me somewhere between 4-6 weeks postpartum for the best results, once you have been cleared for exercise.


You can absolutely schedule prior to being cleared for exercise to make sure you understand what you need to do/have to complete the program, learn what you should be doing to begin reconnecting to your deep layers prior to beginning this program, and to allow time to prep yourself to begin this program!

Or, maybe you are further along in your postpartum journey (6 months, 2 years, 8 years, etc) but never really got back into exercising and are wondering what a safe program would look like for you--this may also be a good fit for you!

If you have more specific needs that need to be addressed (i.e. stress urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, low back/pelvic pain, rib flare, etc.), I will prescribe any specific treatment/exercises individualized to you at the initial assessment.


Restore is a 6-week exercise program meant to provide women in the early postpartum period the education and guidance necessary to ensure a full, safe recovery. Pregnancy can be thought of like an injury. It comes with tissue adaptations like other injuries that need to be addressed in order to make a full recovery!

This 6-week guided rehab exercise program is intended to help guide you in a safe return to exercise by building a solid foundation. We'll retrain and reconnect to your deepest layers (diaphragm, deep abdominals, pelvic floor), help you build a strong base to prevent pain/issues down the road, improve your posture, help you look beyond the pressures of society to lose the baby weight within the first couple weeks and help you physically and mentally recover.


Thus, it is more prevention focused to help you prevent issues from occurring! But, if you are further out postpartum and have certain issues, this program is also for you which is why I do an individualized one-on-one assessment to begin! I hope to help you build a strong foundation and have steady progress with minimal setbacks to help you safely return to all exercise and activity that you wish to do!


Initial Postpartum Physical Therapy Assessment

-Assessment of breathing, posture, alignment, strength, mobility, diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, aches/pains, etc. (Helps assess your starting point prior to the program)


-Education regarding the postpartum program and how everything will work


-Education regarding importance of diaphragmatic breathing, transverse abdominals activation, and reconnecting with the pelvic floor muscles.

6-week Guided Progressive Rehab Exercise Program

-PDF of the program outline (includes educational information regarding postpartum posture, diastasis recti, diaphragmatic breathing, transverse abdominis activation, safe cardio)


-Easy to follow program


-Exercise descriptions/instructions


-Videos and demonstrations of all exercises emailed directly to you!

3-week Check In Appointment

(virtual or in person)

-Help you stay accountable

-Track your progress

-Review exercises

-Troubleshoot any difficulties/issues with exercises

-Ensure proper form with exercises -Answer any questions you may have

-Adjust/modify exercises as needed based on your symptoms/progress

-Email Access: Any and all questions you may have can be

answered by me as you will have access to my direct email, where I can help guide you and answer questions as they may come up!

Post Program Assessment (once all 6 weeks of exercises are completed)

-Help you determine where you go from here in terms of exercise


-Give you any additional exercises to progress to


-Education regarding workouts/things to focus on for exercise as you continue along your postpartum journey!


Not interested in the full 6 week program?

Feel free to choose one of the options below as well!

Initial Assessment


Single Follow Up 


 Initial Assessment


Single Follow Up



All payments are made at the time of service via cash, credit/debit card, or check. If applicable, you may also use your Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account on physical therapy. 

We do not bill insurance directly (with exception of Medicare), however we provide you with all necessary documentation to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement!



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